Mirrored Antique Dresser Restored from Shabby to Chic!

Mark recently had the opportunity to modernize a family heirloom mirrored dresser for some excellent customers in Albuquerque.

They had a wonderful vision for their cherished piece! They wanted to keep the memoires of the dresser and still have the piece look consistent and fluid with the rest of the furniture in their home.

So they hired Mark to strip the antique dresser and change the color to a medium brown.  They also wanted the old drawer handles changed out for very modern light blue Venetian glass looking handles (which look amazing!).

Mark made several other modifications to the dresser including changing out the dresser feet and getting rid of the very dark stain on the top.

Look at the fabulous results!



IMG_2790 IMG_2791 IMG_2792 IMG_2793



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Refinishing Can Be Remarkably Easy

Furniture Medic in Albuquerque offers tips for simple success

Refinishing grandma’s antique table doesn’t have to strip your patience. Refinishing techniques can easily turn any piece of furniture into a prized possession. The products you will need are often available at the local paint store. Along with some creativity, a little experimentation and the following tips from Furniture Medic experts, you can be on your way to fabulous furniture.

  • Before you refinish, be sure you won’t devalue the piece.
  • Remember not to mix oil- or solvent-based products with water-based products.  Stick to using products from the same family.
  • Keep in mind that water-based or acrylic products dry  very quickly, and without the odor typically associated with oil- and solvent-based products.
  • The sales staff at the paint store, along with the manufacturer’s instructions on the products, will help you apply a new finish successfully.

If the project turns out to be more than you bargained for, call us for assitance 505-321-1033!

99 (1) 100


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Change Your Furniture’s Spots

Furniture Medic shares tips for getting black and white marks off your treasures

Oops! You didn’t mean to leave that glass of ice water on the kitchen table, but you did and now there’s a permanent, ugly ring. What’s more, the water can cause mildew that will eat through the finish. Luckily, both these furniture disasters have remedies. With some items you probably have in your home, you can bring your treasures back to their original beauty.

The experts at Furniture Medic have a few secrets for removing white spots from your furniture:

  • To remove white spots, first make a solution of equal parts toothpaste and baking soda.
  • Apply the solution to the spot with a soft cotton cloth (a baby diaper or old soft dish towel or washcloth).
  • Buff the area with a fresh cotton cloth.

For black spots, grab some bleach and try these tips:

  • Black spots indicate that the water has eaten through the finish and into the wood, where mildew will grow.
  • The finish must be completely removed – check with a professional to see which finish remover is right for your wood.
  • After the finish is removed, the wood must be treated with bleach to kill the mildew before a new finish is applied.

If these quick tips don’t change your furniture’s spots- give us a call 505-321-1033. We have the knowledge and tools to fix your pieces to your satisfaction.

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Double Doozy! Pet chew damage & spilled nail polish furniture Repairs in Albuquerque

Furniture Repairs: Pet chew damage & spilled nail polish damage

One of our recent customers had 2 interesting furniture repair problems for Mark to solve.

First our customer had a chair leg that had fallen victim to “fido” or dog chew marks.  As this chair was part of a full formal dining set our customer wanted the chair returned to “like new” condition. Mark filled the damaged area, color matched and reapplied the color; replaced graining to the chair leg and final gave a new coat of finish.

The second piece of damaged furniture was a 3 drawer side-table (part of a 7 piece living room set). Our customer had spilled hot-pink nail polish onto the top of the end table and also down the front of the 3 drawers.  After spilling the nail polish our customer tried to remove the polish with nail polish remover, which unfortunately caused further damage to the end table.  The nail polish ate through the finish down to the bare wood so a precision repair was not possible. A full strip and refinish of both the table top and the 3 drawers was required. The Gloss factory cured finish of the table made the return of the color and the glossy finish particularly lengthy and difficult process to return the polished / deluxe finish.

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Furniture Care Tips for Upholstered, Metal and Wicker Furniture

The Experts at Furniture Medic Share Helpful Hints

Some cleaning jobs are simple. If the floor is dirty, sweep it. If the laundry is dirty, wash it. But furniture care is a bit more complex. The experts at Furniture Medic have some helpful hints that will help you care for all the furniture in your home.

With upholstered furniture, the real tip is frequent vacuuming using an upholstery or brush attachment. But for more stubborn stains, you can:

  • Clean washable fabrics after testing for color fastness in a hidden spot. The tag may indicate “W’ for water cleaning or “S” for solvent cleaning. Do not use water on furniture that needs a solvent.
  • For water-washable fabrics, use a solution of 1/4 cup of high-suds laundry detergent with one quart of warm water, mixed in a blender. Apply just the suds with a medium-bristled brush and then use a wet towel to go over the whole upholstered surface. When the surface is dry, vacuum up any remaining dirt.

Metal furniture is tough, but it still needs to be cleaned to make it shine. Here’s how:

  • Make a paste with 1/4 cup cream of tartar and baking soda, and then add 2 tablespoons of powdered laundry detergent. Cover scratches with a permanent black marker.

And, don’t forget your wicker furniture:

  • It can be cleaned with warm soapy water and then rinsed with salt water.
  • To keep wicker from yellowing, scrub with a stiff brush moistened with warm salt water.
  • To clean dust and dirt out of those hard-to-reach places, use a soft paintbrush.

Use these handy tips to keep your furniture beautiful. If you find yourself with more severe problems, such as water or fire damage, or in a situation beyond do-it-yourself tactics, contact the experts at Furniture Medic. Furniture Medic’s professionally trained staff has the knowledge and products needed to bring your furniture back to life.

For more information on mobile furniture repair and restoration, visit the Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration website at www.fmbespokerestoration.comor call (505)-321-1033.

Looking for a great place to have your damaged furniture fixed in Albuquerque, New Mexico?  You have found the right place! Furniture Medic can take care of all of your furniture and damaged wood needs!

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Ornate Italian Style Dining Set- shipping damage repair Furniture Medic in Albuquerque

Shipping Damage Furniture Repair: Dining Set

Furniture from other countries can really be spectacular! However, trouble can often arise when the furniture is shipped during the journey to the buyer’s home.   Recently Mark of Furniture Medic had the opportunity to restore shipping damage to a high-end very ornate Italian style dining set, on-site in the customer’s home.  During the shipping process the table, chairs and matching armoire all suffered some sort of damage.

Mark repaired 2 large dents to the table edge; 2 scratches to the bottom foot plate of the table; removed packing glue from the glass of the matching armoire and finally repaired one the dining chairs that had where the cushion had been pushed away from the chair frame.

The customers were very happy with the results and the dining set now looks brand new as it should!

The great “before” and “after” photos of the repairs can be seen here:


Best Furniture Repair Place in Albuquerque 🙂

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70’s style chair restoration- Furniture Repair in Albuquerque

Chair Strip & Refinish (caused by water damage)- Furniture Repair in Albuquerque

The 70’s style solid wood dining set had years of scratches and was recently also water damaged (after the apartment above our customer’s had a flood that leaked through the ceiling).  In an effort to restore these retro style family heirloom chairs to their former glory they needed a partial strip and refinish on all the damaged areas (chair backs and seats) and the legs also needed to be cleaned and touched up to match. As you will see in the photographs Mark sanded back the chairs to bare wood to remove the damage and then color matched the stain and finally sealed the chairs with multiple topcoats.  Mark also repaired a dent to the side of the table on-site in the customer’s home that occured when the table was moved during the water damage clean-up. It was a pleasure to see this unique set restored!

Our customer was very pleased with the work that Mark did and left the following review on the “Tell FM” review site:

“Anyone looking to trust a family heirloom like ours to someone for restoration needs three things: respectful service, responsive communication, and confidence that the work will be done right. Mark provided all three. We’re tremendously happy with the work he’s done.”

See the great “before” and “after” photos:

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Facility and Building Operations & Maintenance Show (FAB O&M) Albuquerque, New Mexico

Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration attended the FAB O&M show http://www.fmanm.com/ in order to showcase our commercial Furniture and Wood Repair Services on October 26, 2012 at the Sandia Resort & Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

The event was spectacular and the networking was superb.  There was a “Halloween” Theme to the event so we decorated our booth and dressed up to be good sports! We also shared a video of many of the services and “before” and “after” project photos we have done to date which can be seen at the following YouTube link:http://youtu.be/Tm5GJ9VQlk0

In honor of the event Mark did a partial restoration of an antique coffee table (as you will see in the photos below).  It had a very dramatic impact on the attendees of the show! It is the best “before” and “after” example possible!

The coffee table lived a very sad life prior to being restored! It sat in a non-climate controlled storage area for about 25 years after once long ago being loved by a family.

In order to preserve the dilapidated side of the table Mark first tapped off and covered with plastic one side of the table. Then the restoration began! Mark had to remove the glue for the ornate coffee table edging (which luckily came off in one piece intact).  The old patchy veneer then had to be systematically removed using products, scrapping and sanding.  Once the old veneer was completely removed Mark did a wax wash and cleaned the rest of the table including the legs.  He then restored the legs, feet and sides of the coffee table by carefully cleaning, color-matching, filling and re-staining areas with missing color.  He then color-matched, stained and applied a new real wood veneer (African Mahogany Wood) to ½ of the table top. The other piece is a book match of the first.  The table was then given 3 top coats.

The restoration only took 3 partial days in the Furniture Medic Workshop!

The coffee table restoration process  and the FAB O&M tradeshow can be seen in the below photo gallery:


Amazing Furniture Repair in Albuquerque!



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Large Scale Veneer Door Repair Project

Damaged Veneer Repair Project

Mark Ryan of Furniture Medic recently was hired to oversee a large door veneer repair project.  A large volume of doors were delivered to a new facility and installed that unfortunately turned out to have defects likely caused by shipping conditions and installation.

Over the course of 3 days Mark repaired over 50 doors! Some of the doors and peeling veneer that had to be fixed and in some cases replaced. Other doors were dented and/or scratched and required precision repairs. Our customer was very happy with the results.

The impressive “before” and “after” picture gallery can be seen here:


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Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration’s New Mexico Contractors License

Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration has a NM Contractors License and is bonded and insured.


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