Double Doozy! Pet chew damage & spilled nail polish furniture Repairs in Albuquerque

Furniture Repairs: Pet chew damage & spilled nail polish damage

One of our recent customers had 2 interesting furniture repair problems for Mark to solve.

First our customer had a chair leg that had fallen victim to “fido” or dog chew marks.  As this chair was part of a full formal dining set our customer wanted the chair returned to “like new” condition. Mark filled the damaged area, color matched and reapplied the color; replaced graining to the chair leg and final gave a new coat of finish.

The second piece of damaged furniture was a 3 drawer side-table (part of a 7 piece living room set). Our customer had spilled hot-pink nail polish onto the top of the end table and also down the front of the 3 drawers.  After spilling the nail polish our customer tried to remove the polish with nail polish remover, which unfortunately caused further damage to the end table.  The nail polish ate through the finish down to the bare wood so a precision repair was not possible. A full strip and refinish of both the table top and the 3 drawers was required. The Gloss factory cured finish of the table made the return of the color and the glossy finish particularly lengthy and difficult process to return the polished / deluxe finish.

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