Change Your Furniture’s Spots

Furniture Medic shares tips for getting black and white marks off your treasures

Oops! You didn’t mean to leave that glass of ice water on the kitchen table, but you did and now there’s a permanent, ugly ring. What’s more, the water can cause mildew that will eat through the finish. Luckily, both these furniture disasters have remedies. With some items you probably have in your home, you can bring your treasures back to their original beauty.

The experts at Furniture Medic have a few secrets for removing white spots from your furniture:

  • To remove white spots, first make a solution of equal parts toothpaste and baking soda.
  • Apply the solution to the spot with a soft cotton cloth (a baby diaper or old soft dish towel or washcloth).
  • Buff the area with a fresh cotton cloth.

For black spots, grab some bleach and try these tips:

  • Black spots indicate that the water has eaten through the finish and into the wood, where mildew will grow.
  • The finish must be completely removed – check with a professional to see which finish remover is right for your wood.
  • After the finish is removed, the wood must be treated with bleach to kill the mildew before a new finish is applied.

If these quick tips don’t change your furniture’s spots- give us a call 505-321-1033. We have the knowledge and tools to fix your pieces to your satisfaction.

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