Refinishing Can Be Remarkably Easy

Furniture Medic in Albuquerque offers tips for simple success

Refinishing grandma’s antique table doesn’t have to strip your patience. Refinishing techniques can easily turn any piece of furniture into a prized possession. The products you will need are often available at the local paint store. Along with some creativity, a little experimentation and the following tips from Furniture Medic experts, you can be on your way to fabulous furniture.

  • Before you refinish, be sure you won’t devalue the piece.
  • Remember not to mix oil- or solvent-based products with water-based products.  Stick to using products from the same family.
  • Keep in mind that water-based or acrylic products dry  very quickly, and without the odor typically associated with oil- and solvent-based products.
  • The sales staff at the paint store, along with the manufacturer’s instructions on the products, will help you apply a new finish successfully.

If the project turns out to be more than you bargained for, call us for assitance 505-321-1033!

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