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Mirrored Antique Dresser Restored from Shabby to Chic!

Mark recently had the opportunity to modernize a family heirloom mirrored dresser for some excellent customers in Albuquerque. They had a wonderful vision for their cherished piece! They wanted to keep the memoires of the dresser and still have the piece look consistent and fluid with the rest of the furniture in their home. So […]

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Refinishing Can Be Remarkably Easy

Furniture Medic in Albuquerque offers tips for simple success Refinishing grandma’s antique table doesn’t have to strip your patience. Refinishing techniques can easily turn any piece of furniture into a prized possession. The products you will need are often available at the local paint store. Along with some creativity, a little experimentation and the following […]

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Change Your Furniture’s Spots

Furniture Medic shares tips for getting black and white marks off your treasures Oops! You didn’t mean to leave that glass of ice water on the kitchen table, but you did and now there’s a permanent, ugly ring. What’s more, the water can cause mildew that will eat through the finish. Luckily, both these furniture […]

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Double Doozy! Pet chew damage & spilled nail polish furniture Repairs in Albuquerque

Furniture Repairs: Pet chew damage & spilled nail polish damage One of our recent customers had 2 interesting furniture repair problems for Mark to solve. First our customer had a chair leg that had fallen victim to “fido” or dog chew marks.  As this chair was part of a full formal dining set our customer wanted […]

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Furniture Care Tips for Upholstered, Metal and Wicker Furniture

The Experts at Furniture Medic Share Helpful Hints Some cleaning jobs are simple. If the floor is dirty, sweep it. If the laundry is dirty, wash it. But furniture care is a bit more complex. The experts at Furniture Medic have some helpful hints that will help you care for all the furniture in your […]

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Ornate Italian Style Dining Set- shipping damage repair Furniture Medic in Albuquerque

Shipping Damage Furniture Repair: Dining Set Furniture from other countries can really be spectacular! However, trouble can often arise when the furniture is shipped during the journey to the buyer’s home.   Recently Mark of Furniture Medic had the opportunity to restore shipping damage to a high-end very ornate Italian style dining set, on-site in the […]

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70’s style chair restoration- Furniture Repair in Albuquerque

Chair Strip & Refinish (caused by water damage)- Furniture Repair in Albuquerque The 70’s style solid wood dining set had years of scratches and was recently also water damaged (after the apartment above our customer’s had a flood that leaked through the ceiling).  In an effort to restore these retro style family heirloom chairs to their […]

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Facility and Building Operations & Maintenance Show (FAB O&M) Albuquerque, New Mexico

Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration attended the FAB O&M show in order to showcase our commercial Furniture and Wood Repair Services on October 26, 2012 at the Sandia Resort & Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico! The event was spectacular and the networking was superb.  There was a “Halloween” Theme to the event so we […]

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Large Scale Veneer Door Repair Project

Damaged Veneer Repair Project Mark Ryan of Furniture Medic recently was hired to oversee a large door veneer repair project.  A large volume of doors were delivered to a new facility and installed that unfortunately turned out to have defects likely caused by shipping conditions and installation. Over the course of 3 days Mark repaired over 50 doors! Some of […]

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Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration’s New Mexico Contractors License

Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration has a NM Contractors License and is bonded and insured.  

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