Top 5 Holiday Tips to protect your furniture!

  1. Candles and Oils: If strategically situating holiday-scented candles and oils around the house is part of your decorating to-do list, be sure that each candle or oil product is kept on a tray or in a holder. This not only protects your finished surfaces from pesky spills, but placing a barrier down first also prevents any dye discoloration or damage to the finish.
  2. Table Décor: Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like a delicious meal at a festively decorated table. Unless you’re planning to celebrate all year long, be sure to avoid using plastic or vinyl place-mats in your tablescape – the chemicals from the mats can leave an imprint or ghost image on the finish.
  3. Buffet Style: It’s a fairly common phenomenon around the holidays: people turning different pieces of furniture into makeshift buffets and tables. If you have plans for your ping-pong table this season, make a point to use trivets, thick oven mitts or even dish towels under hot casserole dishes to protect your finished surfaces from damaging white spots.
  4. Coasters: Drink coasters aren’t just for the ultra paranoid. If you’re hosting a holiday shindig this year, embrace your inner neat freak – sprinkle coasters in all shapes and sizes about your house to protect finished surfaces from those dreaded water rings.
  5. Aftermath: After all the conversations, laughs and feasts, you’ll want to do a deep cleaning of everything left in the wake. Be careful not to leave damp towels, wash cloths, even paper products soaked in cleaning spray on your finished wood surfaces to avoid permanent white spots and discoloration.

Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration would like to wish all its customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to serving you again in 2016!

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Dry Climate vs Fine Furniture

How to beat New Mexico’s DRY weather!

There can only be one winner! Dry conditions will always seek out to break down furniture’s finish and wooden structure. If wood dries out causing splits or cracks there is no going back! Dry Climate can destroy fine furniture by drying out the finish. If this occurs it can crack and flake off leaving the wood exposed. There is no real full proof way to stop it but you can slow it down by placing a humidifier in the room.

Our customer had a beautiful piece designed by Renzo Rutili and manufactured by Johnson Furniture from the 1950’s. He had just moved here from Pennsylvania and was devastated when the piece started to show signs of climate change. The credenza had been in his family for decades and had recently been appraised at $15-18K. It has a special hand painted finish that is very difficult to match. He understood our difficult task, but hated to see it deteriorate any further and would be happy with whatever we could do.

The precision repair consisted of us securing and loose paint then we filled and leveled any missing areas.We closely matched the paint which was a blue green with black brush marks using gouache paints and final added a topcoat finish to match the existing sheen to lock in and protect the repair.

Below is see our customers review and the before and after photos.


Steve Hartman

Mark was very upfront and honest. He gave an estimate that was spot on. My piece is very rare and was a very difficult match. Mark did a great job to restore and preserve it! Very pleased with his work and professionalism.

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What to do if the moving company drops your Antique Love Seat!

This beautifully hand carved upholstered loveseat was dropped by the moving company as they were transporting it off the trailer. The owner was deeply upset as it had been in his family for decades. Luckily the solution to repair it was easy. He contacted the insurance company who had us go out to collect the piece and repair it, all at zero cost to the owner. As the number one trusted repair vendor for insurance companies in America, Furniture Medic are the go to company!

Here are some before and after photos and our customer review.

10/10 Robert Fort Great Job.
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Transit to Albuquerque related Furniture damage!

One of our large National Accounts shipped out a large oval desk to their customer in Albuquerque. During transportation it was damaged, chipped and gouged around the edge. As it weighed over 500lbs once it was installed the customer did not want the hassle of shipping it back. They were happy for Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration to repair the visible damage on-site in their home. Using precision repair techniques we were able to disguise the damage almost completely from 3ft which is our premium standard service that we offer.

See the repaired damage and our customer’s review below:

10/10 David Comfort Excellent repair.


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Norwegian Antique Rocking Chair Restoration

Our customer entrusted us with the restoration of two wonderful items he had inherited. An old spinning wheel and an old rocking chair that were both showing their age. The craftsmanship and quality of the materials used in its construction the rocker was in a very good stable condition. Work was required aesthetically, the joints required tightening, but the seat area required most of the restoration work. Over a number of hours we cleaned, gel stained and top coated the wooden parts and our upholstery department did a fantastic job of recreating the leather strapping to support a loose cushion. The results are simply heartwarming. The rocking chair was returned to the family for the next generation and generation after them to enjoy.
Here is a brief history of the Rocking Chair provided by our customer:
• The rocker and the spinning wheel came over from Norway in the late 1860’s
• Both the rocker and the wheel were the only 2 items my mother had from her grandmother Kari’s estate when she died in about 1940
• My mother was born in a one room house on the SW Minnesota prairie in 1928 (Hanley Falls, Minn), delivered by her grandmother I believe and a mid-wife
• My mother passed away in Dec, 2012 at the age of 84, in ABQ and the items have been in storage until this spring, when I dropped them off with you this summer
• Growing up, I remember both items from as early as I can remember (about the age of 5 or 6?), and they were always “delicate, couldn’t sit on the rocker, play with the wheel”, etc. So I remember them from about 1960 or so. They moved with us from San Francisco to Seattle, to Idaho. After I graduated college and left the house in Idaho, they moved with my mom ultimately to NM
• Growing up I remember the rocking chair as only being a place where the cats could sit and sleep. It would rock, but couldn’t hold any weight (although I did try it a few times when she wasn’t looking)…..
• And now it works and looks great!

Here is the review our customer provided us:
10/10 Very resourceful in returning a 150 year old Norwegian rocking chair to usability, while still retaining appropriate character and patina. As a family heirloom, this was not a traditional repair.

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Wood Veneer Dresser Damage Fixed Via Precision Repair At Furniture Medic ABQ

Wood Veneer Dresser Damage Repair Furniture Medic in Albuquerque

The top left hand side corner of this dresser was damaged during a move. The owners were upset and felt that the piece was ruined beyond repair. It was suggested that they just try and glue the veneer section back on themselves.  It was at this point that the customer requested a professional to make the repair.

This was the smartest decision they could have made! So often Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration is asked to repair items where unskilled repair attempts have been made, and in many cases these attempts have prevented us from carrying out or achieving the best possible repair results.

After the section was carefully glued back a precision repair was made to the joint line precision in order to blend it flush with the surrounding veneer.

Here is the Tell FM Review from our happy customer:

10/10- “I liked that the service was on site and I didn’t have to take my dresser into a location to be repaired. I LOVE the end result!! If you don’t know where to look you can’t even tell it was damaged.”

Before and After photos:

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Antiques: “to repair or not to repair?” That is the question.

Hepplewhite chair restoration. circa 1770-1786 .

We are often questioned over whether antiques should be restored or not. For me the answer comes down to 3 simple questions: 1. can the piece serve its originally intended function 2. If it can, then the next question to ask is… why does it need restoration? (For example, if a table has 4 legs and flat top and is sturdy, does it really need restoring? Maybe the finish has failed, and then yes it may. Or maybe the legs are loose, and then yes it may.) 3. Finally, is the cost to restore the piece worth it to the customer?

In regards to the Hepplewhite chair, it most certainly needed restoration, as it could no longer function as intended and still had great value to the owners. After many hours of careful reassembly all of the broken pieces that were re-glued we brought the chair back to a usable life.

Due to the extent of the damage the chair could not be returned to museum quality however, as you can see the chair has been returned to an excellent state for the customer and has pride of placement in the family room rather than the garage!

Here is the “Tell FM” customer review (Erica Vesely 10/10): “I brought in a chair that was in several pieces. I was unsure if there was any hope of saving it. It is all put back together and is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!”

See the before and after photos here:



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Furniture Medic to the rescue! Same day Furniture Repair in Albuquerque!

Damaged Furniture a contractors worst nightmare !!!

Recently we were called out in “an emergency”… Now we don’t usually get furniture emergencies, however in this case the client wanted the damage repaired A.S.A.P. The client was a local contractor finishing up a remodel of a house. Unfortunately one of his workers damaged the top of a cherry veneered dresser. High expectations were set with the home owner and we completed the repair on-site that very same day! Some could say we saved the day! 

See the before and after photos below.


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Merry Christmas from Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration!

Wishing everyone a fabulous holiday season!

Thank you for your business!

We appreciate you using us for all of your Albuquerque furniture repair needs in 2014!

Mark & Rachel Ryan

Holiday Card 2014

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Upcycle furniture

Up-cycling Furniture!

Using General Finishes Milk Paint.

When pieces of furniture have seen better days either in the faded and worn out finish or simple their style the first thought maybe to throw it out and add to the landfill problem!

It is becoming increasingly popular to give the piece new life by simply adding a few coats of paint. General Finishes Milk paint comes in an array of colors and can even be matched.

In the examples below we were asked to paint two nightstands that no longer worked with a newly remodeled room. See our customer comments;

10/10 Ms. Ruma;

“Mark was very professional. After he picked up the pieces, there were a couple of items he needed clarification about and texted me to ensure the process would run smoothly. He was prompt in his pick-up and delivery. His explanations about how to care for the pieces after the restoration were very helpful. Overall, this was a wonderful experience and I will use Furniture Medic again”!

9/10 Ms. Florez

“I am loving my vanity.  What a difference, the before and after”.

This vanity was salvaged from Good Will store in ABQ and brought back to life.

10/10 Catherine

“Customer attention; Mark really listened and “got” what I was wanting. He made this well-worn valet chair look not only proud of its age, but like a much finer piece of furniture than it had ever been”.

The Valet chair had been in the family for years and was used by the customer father, she wanted it in the house but felt its current state did not fit with her home décor.

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