Dry Climate vs Fine Furniture

How to beat New Mexico’s DRY weather!

There can only be one winner! Dry conditions will always seek out to break down furniture’s finish and wooden structure. If wood dries out causing splits or cracks there is no going back! Dry Climate can destroy fine furniture by drying out the finish. If this occurs it can crack and flake off leaving the wood exposed. There is no real full proof way to stop it but you can slow it down by placing a humidifier in the room.

Our customer had a beautiful piece designed by Renzo Rutili and manufactured by Johnson Furniture from the 1950’s. He had just moved here from Pennsylvania and was devastated when the piece started to show signs of climate change. The credenza had been in his family for decades and had recently been appraised at $15-18K. It has a special hand painted finish that is very difficult to match. He understood our difficult task, but hated to see it deteriorate any further and would be happy with whatever we could do.

The precision repair consisted of us securing and loose paint then we filled and leveled any missing areas.We closely matched the paint which was a blue green with black brush marks using gouache paints and final added a topcoat finish to match the existing sheen to lock in and protect the repair.

Below is see our customers review and the before and after photos.


Steve Hartman

Mark was very upfront and honest. He gave an estimate that was spot on. My piece is very rare and was a very difficult match. Mark did a great job to restore and preserve it! Very pleased with his work and professionalism.

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