Barrel Trunk Restoration-circa 1871

This has been the largest trunk restoration we have completed to date. Our customer wanted a restoration but also wanted us to retain the 100+ years of patina. We first set about hand cleaning the tin which had years of rust dirt and grim build up. We believe that the trunk also had fire damage which had caused a darkening of the wood and tin. We then set about remaking the broken base slider and then replacing a broken corner runner. The next replacement parts were the leather handles and lid tab. These were all hand made by our upholstery dept. The interior was upgraded from paper to cedar panels. Lastly we used a satin water based lacquer to seal and protect the exterior thus preserving the patina we had uncovered. See the results below and our customer review.

I brought Mark a project I had sitting in my garage for close to 15 years. It was an old travel trunk that my father had purchased at a Flea Market in San Francisco. I remember it being in our house all my life. By the time it found Mark it was not in the finest condition and needed more love than I could provide. I took the trunk to Mark’s shop and we discussed what my expectation were and what kind of time it would take to deliver on them. I asked him to attempt to preserve as much of the original trunk as possible and to leave it’s reflection of age and wear… to me that was integral to it’s identity. (All too often a restorer will make the item appear “new” and that is what I did not want.) Mark understood what I was asking for and moved ahead enthusiastically. In the end, while I think the project took a bit longer than he anticipated, the trunk is absolutely beautiful. It has been brought back to a well preserved representation of an antique it’s age. It is perfect. I always fear handing off projects I have spent considerable time thinking about to others. In this case the finished result exceeded my expectations. Cheers and Thanks, Mark. -Mike 10/10

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Furniture restoration without the hassle of strip & refinishing it!

Our customer had inherited a chair owned by her mother. Structurally the chair was in good condition but the upholstery was a little dated and did not suite its new homes décor. The finish was in good condition but it had years of dust and body oil built up. (The two mix very well unfortunately) We were able to clean off the built up areas and restore the wood by adding a toner stain and a protective layer of finish. We then recommended our upholsterer Ramon of Q-House. He was able to recover the piece and the results now speak for themselves.

Melanie Palmer , June 2016
Knowledgeable, personable, prices are good, turn around time was good, and was able to recommend other businesses that provided accessory services
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Commercial door image enhancement.

We were asked to improve the look of some internal office doors at a local business. The office floor was busy so we had to respect the employees by not creating too much noise, ordure and inconvenience of putting doors out of commission. Especially the bathroom doors! Some of the doors had damaged and missing corners that would need filling. And a lot of the doors had serious cross grain damage. See below the before and after photos and our customer review.


10/10 Cathy Stone Summit Electric Supply Some of the doors in our building were in need of lots of TLC. Mark came to our place of business during business hours and made the dents and scrapes go away without disturbing any of our employees. Many of the employees commented they didn’t know he was there because he was so quiet and considerate. Thanks for the great job Mark! Mark and Furniture Medic are fantastic!!!

Cathy Stone Summit Electric Supply


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Precision repair using epoxy putty.

This buffet foot was damaged during a recent move. Unfortunately the piece that broke off was lost in transit. The repair was completed On-site which meant the item could stay in the customers home meaning that would not be without it and prevented further damage by having to move it back and forth from a workshop. We were using Mohawk epoxy putty that was sculpted to the shape of the missing piece. We then added color and grain to make it blend in with the wood around it. The whole repair took under one hour to complete.

See our customer review and the before and after photos and  below.

10/10 Glenda Lemasters Mark Ryan is a skilled and competent craftsman. He is knowledgeable about the requirements for maintaining wooden furniture in this climate and did not hesitate to offer advice that will help me do so. Mark did not mind my observing him and asking questions — I learned something today.
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Trunk Restoration, back to bling!

Although our customer’s trunk was in relatively good condition the brief was to make it look pretty and glossy! There were precision repairs using epoxy putty fill techniques to the corner edges and a large crack to the top. The metal corner and edge protectors needed the old finish removed; we then added an Antique gold bronzing powder to give it the pretty pop that the customer wanted.

Read our customer review below;

10/10                     Joanne Carter

Mark is a real perfectionist, and you can tell he enjoys what he does. He completed my work inside of schedule. He renewed a beautiful old trunk of mine and it is now used as my coffee table and everyone comments on how beautiful it is. Thank you

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Precision Repair of dented corner

We were called out to a home that had small but noticeable problem! A large high end stereo speaker has been knocked over and the corner edge was damaged. This was very noticeable as you walking into the room.  Using our on-site burn in fill repair techniques we were able to repair the dent to pre loss condition. Read our customer review below;


May 18, 2016

Mark did an excellent job repairing our chipped speaker. Additionally, he was timely and very personable. I like that he fixed the speaker onsite and in a short amount of time.


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When you just can’t find that part!

A customer broke the leg of her buffet whilst moving. The leg was too severely damaged it was beyond repair. So the only option was to replace. However it was an unusual size, the length was 11″ and the only pre-made replacement leg that could be found was 10″ in length. So Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration set about manufacturing a replacement that was 11″ long. We were able to remove and reuse the existing hardware and stained and finished the leg to closely match the original leg.


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Broken dining room chair

Recently a customer brought in a dining chair that was part of a set. The seat had split in two and a few of the stretchers and a back support had come loose. A replacement would be very difficult if not impossible to find so they brought it to us. We were able to glue it back together and save the chair from the fire wood pile and save a families dining room set.

See blow for our repair photos and the review our customer left us.

10/10 Stacey Van Laanen Work done in a timely manner, excellent craftsmanship, fair pricing.
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Moving damage repair and refinish.

During a recent move a drawer cabinet and bookcase were damaged. The drawer was chipped and dented along the top edge and the bookcase that was handmade by the customer had liquid damage to the top and left side that stained the finish. Using precision repair techniques we were able to repair the drawer and by stripping and refinishing the bookcase we were able to bring it back to the pre-loss condition. Here is what our customers said;

10/10 Robin & Alan Everything about the experience was excellent. Communication, arriving on time for appointments, and of course the work was outstanding.
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Colonial tiger oak table restoration.

Our customer had inherited her childhood family table. She explained that it was brought to New Mexico on a Conestoga wagon. The table was certainly showing its age and had significant damage to the finish after being stored in a garage for many years. The wood had shrunk leaving a noticeable gap where the table leaf joined and the finish has been removed down to the raw wood in many areas. We were able to fill the table gap by cutting a strip section off the leaf and utilizing that piece to bridge the visible separation, when the table top was in the closed position. We then stripped the top and stained and refinished the pedestal base to match. As a cost saving measure rather than fully refinishing the table base we were able to image enhanced the base as it was not as damaged.

See our customer review below;

10/10 Marian Hand Mark was so easy to work with and he restored a family table that came to NM on a covered wagon, and made it look amazing!
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