Precision repair using epoxy putty.

This buffet foot was damaged during a recent move. Unfortunately the piece that broke off was lost in transit. The repair was completed On-site which meant the item could stay in the customers home meaning that would not be without it and prevented further damage by having to move it back and forth from a workshop. We were using Mohawk epoxy putty that was sculpted to the shape of the missing piece. We then added color and grain to make it blend in with the wood around it. The whole repair took under one hour to complete.

See our customer review and the before and after photos and  below.

10/10 Glenda Lemasters Mark Ryan is a skilled and competent craftsman. He is knowledgeable about the requirements for maintaining wooden furniture in this climate and did not hesitate to offer advice that will help me do so. Mark did not mind my observing him and asking questions — I learned something today.
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