Image enhancement without stripping & refinishing.

We were asked to repair and preserve two family heirlooms. The shelf unit had been kept next to an open fire so over the years it had built up dark layers of soot and wax that the family had used to finish the piece. We had to clean and remove the decades of buildup whilst being careful not to go through the original finish. Once the surface was clean we used a colored wax to brighten and protect the finish. The results are that we were able to maintain and preserve the patina but give it a fresh, cleaner look.

Read our customer review below;

10/10 Karandi

We had our family cradle, that’s almost 200 years old, shipped to us. The shippers damage meant the cradle at one end had come apart. Also there was water damage to the finish on both ends of the cradle. We obviously wanted it fixed but didn’t want it to lose its integrity as an old piece. We just got the cradle back and it looks great. Can’t tell it was ever hurt!

Also had a southern “what not”, a type of shelf unit that was so blackened by old beeswax and dirt of decades…again, we wanted it to look as it should, a beautiful old piece that had seen much history but wore it well! Mark was able to carefully clean it and wax it. Now we still can tell it’s old but we see it’s colour and wood grain and it’s lovely!


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