Antiques: “to repair or not to repair?” That is the question.

Hepplewhite chair restoration. circa 1770-1786 .

We are often questioned over whether antiques should be restored or not. For me the answer comes down to 3 simple questions: 1. can the piece serve its originally intended function 2. If it can, then the next question to ask is… why does it need restoration? (For example, if a table has 4 legs and flat top and is sturdy, does it really need restoring? Maybe the finish has failed, and then yes it may. Or maybe the legs are loose, and then yes it may.) 3. Finally, is the cost to restore the piece worth it to the customer?

In regards to the Hepplewhite chair, it most certainly needed restoration, as it could no longer function as intended and still had great value to the owners. After many hours of careful reassembly all of the broken pieces that were re-glued we brought the chair back to a usable life.

Due to the extent of the damage the chair could not be returned to museum quality however, as you can see the chair has been returned to an excellent state for the customer and has pride of placement in the family room rather than the garage!

Here is the “Tell FM” customer review (Erica Vesely 10/10): “I brought in a chair that was in several pieces. I was unsure if there was any hope of saving it. It is all put back together and is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!”

See the before and after photos here:



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