Precision Table Repair Albuquerque: Veneer Table Damage

Precision Wood Repair Albuquerque

Precision repair is the art of repairing small areas that have been scratched, gouged, dented or otherwise damaged.

To do this we use products designed to fill and level and colorants designed to blend and camouflage.

Sometimes this is referred to as in-filling and in-painting.

*The goal is to make an obvious area of damage blend in to the point that it is not so obvious or even completely unnoticeable.

The Architectural Wood Institute specification for what constitutes an acceptable precision repair/touch-up states that if the repair is invisible from:

-9 ft it is called Standard      -6 ft- it is called Custom        -3 ft- it is called Premium

Precision Repair Process: Pictures are worth a 1000 words!



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