Retro 1920’s Barstool Restoration Albuquerque Furniture Medic

Barstool Restoration

Our customer wanted to surprise her husband by getting a bar stool he had since childhood restored. As you can see from the before photos it had been well used or “well-loved” as I like to say. We had to replace the vinyl and re-upholstered the seat with new foam and then matched the vinyl to the original shade of vinyl. We then disassembled the stool and took all the wooden pieces apart in order to strip and refinish them. We also cleaned up the base and sprayed it black again to return it to the original color. Finally all of the barstool fixtures were tightened and reassembled bringing this sentimental stool back to life.

Please read our customer feedback posted on Tell FM:

10/10 Shannon Horst Easy to work with and committed to doing what client wants within budget and find solutions. And simply very pleasant to work with, high quality work in finished piece.
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