Furniture Medic Albuquerque Helps Fix Your Loose Furniture Joints

Do you feel a little nervous sitting in your favorite chair? Is your chair making some geriatric noises?

Maybe it’s time for a little glue. Taking the time to remove the old glue and add some new will bring your treasured pieces back to life.

Follow these steps to restore your chair’s creaking joints:

• Take the chair apart and have the old glue removed from the joints.

• Mark the joints in some way so the chair can be properly reassembled. Try color-coding the joints with markers.

• After the joints have been cleaned, reassemble the chair without glue to ensure a good fit.

• If everything fits, apply wood glue (e.g., yellow glue) to each joint and assemble the chair.

• Set the chair on a flat surface and adjust the legs so the chair will not rock.

• Keeping the chair level, use clamps to hold the joints together and let the chair sit for three hours.

• Put pads – pieces of carpet work nicely – on the jaws of the clamps to avoid damaging the finish. By following these handy steps, you can bring your chair back to full health.

If you need further assistance, contact Mark Ryan at Furniture Medic by Bespoke Restoration. We have the expertise and equipment to help you with many furniture restoration projects. For more information on mobile furniture repair and restoration, visit our website or call 505-321-1033.

Furniture Joint Repair

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