“Dresser Drawer Road Damage” Restoration Albuquerque

Dresser Drawer Damage Repair – Nob Hill, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Recently a customer called with a dilemma. A favored family dresser was damaged during a move. Two of the drawers experience road rash with corners broken off and scraped. Both drawers also had long horizontal cracks through the entire length of the drawer fronts that needed to be first re-glued and then disguised via precision repair and color matching. The damaged corners needed to be reformed using epoxy putty and hand smoothed, then color blended to match the wood grain. The project was more of a skilled work of art than basic furniture repair.  The end result was very good and our customer Janice Honeycutt was very pleased: Here is the review write-up that she so kindly provided us through our review website “Tell FM”- 10/10.

Ms. Honeycutt-“My boys were moving my mom’s 60 year old pristine dresser. The drawers flew out around a corner and two drawers smashed on the road. The corners were GONE and jagged where they had crashed along the pavement and both drawers had a split all the way along the front. Mark at the Furniture Medic rebuilt the corners, fixed the splits and you cannot tell that they were damaged at all. My mother is blind, and while I can see that the drawers are fixed, she only feels the drawers, and they are smooth as when she bought the dresser. He matched the wood grain, noticed that the corners of the other drawers were a bit darker so made the corners darker. I couldn’t be happier with the end product.”

Take a look at the magnificent drawer precision repairs:

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