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Pine Dining Room Table Top Strip and Refinish following Windex Cleaner spill damage

Recently Mark stripped, color matched and refinished a pine dining room table for a customer following a spill of Windex Cleaner on the table top! The Windex cleaner has ammonia in the product, which ate through the finish on the table top. As you can see from the photographs the damage was severe.  Mark completely stripped the […]

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“Dresser Drawer Road Damage” Restoration Albuquerque

Dresser Drawer Damage Repair – Nob Hill, Albuquerque, New Mexico Recently a customer called with a dilemma. A favored family dresser was damaged during a move. Two of the drawers experience road rash with corners broken off and scraped. Both drawers also had long horizontal cracks through the entire length of the drawer fronts that needed […]

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Circular Antique Table Water Damage Restoration- Albuquerque

This lovely round ornate table had significant water damage that caused a large white blotchy area on a significantly large section of the table top.  The customer was very fond of the table and wanted it restored to “like new” condition. Mark was able to strip and refinish the table removing all of the moisture damage.  This […]

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Large Scale Veneer Door Repair Project

Damaged Veneer Repair Project Mark Ryan of Furniture Medic recently was hired to oversee a large door veneer repair project.  A large volume of doors were delivered to a new facility and installed that unfortunately turned out to have defects likely caused by shipping conditions and installation. Over the course of 3 days Mark repaired over 50 doors! Some of […]

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Parquet Wood Floor Restoration & Refinish- Albuquerque

Parquet Wood Floor Sand, Restore and Refinish Recently we had the rare opportunity to restore an original Parquet wood floor in the home of one of our customers. The owner was interested in restoring the original wood floor to keep the unique character it gives to the house. As you can see in the “before” photographs […]

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Art Deco Waterfall Armoire- Veneer Restoration

Art Deco Waterfall Armoire Veneer Restoration- Albuquerque One of our clients recently moved and experienced furniture damaged while in transit.  They had several damaged pieces and unfortunately one of those was an Art Deco Waterfall Armoire that had some of the chevron veneer broken & pulled off in five different areas. In order to repair the piece to “like-new” condition the […]

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Commercial Office Desk Restoration: Albuquerque

L-Shaped Office Desk Restoration- Furniture Repair, Albuquerque The L-Shaped office desk had many damaged areas that required precision repair, color-matching, removal of watermarks and “white blushing” caused by heat left on the surface area.  Finally the entire desk was given 3 topcoats of water-based polyurethane finish.  Here are the impressive “before” and “after” results!                                “BEFORE”                                                        “AFTER”       […]

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Fairfield Chairs: Strip, Color Match, and Refinish: Furniture Refinishing Albuquerque

Fairfield Chairs: Strip, Color Match, and Refinish! The project in a nutshell: Our customer requested that the color of her 2 Fairfield Chairs (one light oak colored and the other cherry colored) be changed to a medium brown. Chairs “Before” Refinishing   Chairs “After” Color Matching and Refinishing               Chairs “After” upholstery by interior […]

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Today’s Furniture Repair Albuquerque

Furniture Repair Albuquerque: Technician- Mark Ryan Table “Before” Precision Repair               Table “After” Precision Repair               Chair “After” Precision Repair                     Chair “Before” Precision Repair

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