Antique English Bureau and Book Case Moving Damage Restoration Albuquerque

Antique English Bureau and Book Case Repair

Damaged during moving

A member of the US Air force Military had been stationed in England, whilst there they fell in love with a circa 1800’s hand carved writing desk with stained glass doors. While it made it across the pond without a scratch disaster struck as it was being unloaded off the moving lorry outside the shipper’s home. The base of the cabinet was hit hardest, the writing desk top swung open and was ripped from its hinges, and some pieces of wood surrounding the hinges were lost at this point. Also the whole cabinet carcass holding the drawers was knocked out of alignment.

The repair process:

The base cabinet had to be dismantled so that it could be realigned. During this process one of the drawers needed a repair. Once the cabinet carcass was square a precision repair to the hinge area was carried out using epoxy putty and then faux wood grain was added and color blended back. During the move the piece had collected a lot of dust and dirt so we cleaned it with 50/50 distilled water and denatured alcohol, and then we waxed the piece to bring the finish back to a beautiful luster.

The shipper was extremely happy with the final results see their Tell FM review below:

10/10 Angela Leeds Mark did a beautiful job restoring our antique and polishing it up nicely. We really appreciate your friendly service!

Here are the before, during and after photos:

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